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Thursday, 29 July 2010

MKV Take 2

Right back with a second dose of my Mkv Converter this time I have added some bells and whistle (no..... actual sounds) but a few extra tweaks. We now have batch converting and you can choose 2-Pass or 1-Pass encoding. Plus mp4 to avi aswell.

Anyway here is a link to my MkvConverter
Enjoy....... PS you will need .net 2.0 or higher installed to run


  1. Can I pause the conversion? If I click stop, will it not resume if I want it to?

  2. What is the purpose of pass 2. I started with a 2.3GB at the end of pass 1 there is an .avi of 590MB, but then as soon as pass 2 starts this file is deleted and the whole process starts again from scratch. I unchecked the two pass box and the process finished much faster, and there seemed to be no loss in quality.