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Friday, 30 April 2010

Converting Mkv's

Right dont know about you but i could not find a decent converter for free that would convert a Mkv file to an Avi file, so i decided to create a application which has mencoder builtin and uses Xvid as the codec.MkvConvert use a standard 2 pass Filter for good results.

Anyway here is a link to my MkvConverter
Enjoy....... PS you will need .net 2.0 or higher installed to run

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Well Done McAfee

Well talk about security problems. Well who would of thought McAfee would send an update to corporate user's which flags svchost.exe as a virus and without testing the update before releasing to corporate user's well thanks to McAfee I spent most of thursday and friday having to manually update 200 odd pc's and restore svchost.exe to those pc's hopefully there is a lesson to be learned here why is svchost.exe not protected by windows from being deleted.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Right Security

how many of us think that are Pc's and Laptops are really secure even with the builtin settings from Microsoft©(even if you have a 3rd Party Virus Scanner) doesn't stop certain security problems arising. There fore I am currently developing an application that will help me and hopefully other's keep there systems secure without having to break the bank. So if anybody out there is interested in this application that is in development please follow me for more information about a release date.

Right then down to Business

Okay i have discussed which programming language I like to develop in now. I would like to discuss the IDE , I personally use SharpDevelop from and of course you will need to download the .Net framework also to be able to start developing in C#. Alternatively you could also develop in Visual C# 2010 Express from Microsoft which you can find at

So Many Languages

Which one to choose, with some many to choose from I have debated for a long time which is the most versatile language to develop in. Personally I like developing in C# when I want to quickly create applications and C++ for applications that need to be built for speed and portability. Over the last couple of years I have used VB 6 +, and Delphi but I always seem to end up back with C#, I would also advise people to use this as a language to start with if you wish to start programming as there are a lot of site's around with tutorials for C# and a lot of code which can be useful when you are first starting out.

PS I hope you enjoy my blogging

First and Foremost

Hi and welcome to my blog. where I will be discussing my programming ideas and applications that I wish to create and what I have created. I will also share some code which I find useful when programming.